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Leisure and Covid: places open in Yvelines

Here is an article presenting ideas for discoveries in Yvelines in these times when sanitary conditions restrict openings to the public.
Parks, forests, castles, abbey, villages of character, farms, equestrian centers, hikes, cycle paths and bike rental, golf, escape game outdoors, accrocamp, and why not a wine tour ...:
the Yvelines Tourism Mission tells you everything, it's SORTIR EN YVELINES .
Tendances 2021

Small & Rural is beautiful

The world according to Covid is seeing a strengthening of the tourist trend that has started in recent years: no more mass tourism, place for ""slow tourism"". The health crisis is accentuating the groundswell that was already there, born of the real awareness that it is time to preserve our environment for all, on a global scale. The travel industry is changing.

WHAT TRENDS? here is a summary of the day before that I carry out, and which reassures me, because my lodgings meet current expectations.

  • The desire to reduce the health risk favors small structures where customers do not meet very often and do not have to share spaces for circulation, reception, etc.

  • The destination France is regaining its letters of nobility.

  • The Staycation takes off : we go very close to home, on a local getaway, practicing immersion and ecology.

  • We favor reunions , sharing, meetings.

  • We arrive by train , we travel in soft modes (on foot, by bike, by public transport), we avoid the plane to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Flexcation is developing : we mix teleworking and relaxation, even we work on vacation for diehards.

  • We seek simplicity , we support rural and sustainable economic development, we contribute to local life.

  • We favor nature and cultural experiences (hiking, horse riding, cycle tourism, heritage, etc.).

  • We love the local products , the producers' stores, the picking of fruits and vegetables on the farm, the gastronomy of the country.

  • We take responsibility, we commit.

  • BONUS! with all this, we are proud of ourselves and we re-generate! in health, well-being and sociability.

I like this reasoned, nature, soft, resilient and inclusive tourism! And you ?
In all seasons, you will be welcome in our valley and our countryside, so close to Paris.

* (formula borrowed from Elloha's blog)


Your host trained in First Aid, to serve you!

It is with pride that I share with you my modest but civic distinction: I took the PSC1 training!
This training allows students to acquire the skills necessary for the execution of a citizen action of personal assistance, by carrying out basic rescue actions. A one-day session followed last September, brought me a lot, between theoretical exchanges, practical learning and scenarios. These skills therefore allow me to react to situations of everyday life: discomfort, trauma, loss of consciousness, cardiac arrest, burns, hemorrhages, etc.
So here I am, an "active citizen", watching over my hosts, my family, my relatives and anyone who finds themselves in difficulty in front of me.

Saveurs et couleurs d'automne Gîtes du Clos Saint-Martin Maule

Autumn colors and flavors in the Mauldre Valley

There is no lack of outdoor activities here, and rejuvenating walks in the countryside, forest or in the heart of old villages will have the scent of autumn. With educational and tasting tours, the local producers will make you forget the gloomy health situation, the pickings on the farm will delight children and adults alike and the seasonal activities will delight vacationers lacking experiences, culture and escape!
Your gîte is ideally located for an exotic, restful and stress-relieving stay. You can even leave with your jams! (jars and sugar provided).
From your comfortable accommodation, I will advise you to organize your star tours for a "food tour" and / or a "fun tour" in Yvelines!
Here are some examples of what is enchanting, good, fresh, in short circuits and in season around your accommodation:

Pick-ups at the Ferme du Logis
Pick-ups , tours and educational workshops at Fermes de Gally
Autumn activities in the Plain of Versailles
Activities in the Plain of Versailles
Butterfly Greenhouse
Zoo Safari de Thoiry
Escape Games at Château de Thoiry
Horse riding / equestrian centers
Adventure park and tree climbing, Indian Forest Yvelines
8 hikes in the Yvelines to admire the fall colors
#foodtour #slowtourism #gastronomic holidays #children's workshops

Apples and grapes at the foot of your cottage

At the moment the apple tree in the garden facing the lodges is having a great time: it delivers the equivalent of a crate of apples per day. And to think that this apple tree only receives our gratitude ...
At first glance, we are barely halfway through the harvest. Of course, that's more than enough to delight our family and our guests.
So, we give! 18 crates have already left for crunchers, compoteurs, spreaders, juicers, gelifiers ...
In our sector, there is great solidarity. The Don et Troc à Maule Facebook page allows supply and demand to be linked, which does not spoil or throw away and gives a second life to many objects.

As for the grape, it matures grain by grain, this is the privilege of our tenants!

#locavore #pesticide-free # circular economy #solidarity
Tour de France 2020

In the front row to see the Tour de France pass ...

On Sunday September 20, 2020, cyclists will start the last stage of the Tour de France from Mantes-la-Jolie to finish on the Champs-Elysées, their 21 st and last stage (122.5 km).
They pass in Maule, it will be the 13 th km of their ultimate test.
Here are the estimated transit times at the top of our famous Côte de Beulle:
Passage of the Tour caravan: between 2:30 p.m. to 2:45 p.m.
Runners' passage: between 4:15 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.

The good news for the Yvelines is that it will start again next year: the Departmental Council and ASO have signed a partnership allowing the Yvelines territory to host the last stages of the Tour de France until 2023 (and after that we will have the 2024 Olympics!).

Teleworking, coworking, teambuilding, seminars, moments of creativity?

In the shade of the apple tree, watching the red tomatoes and the pumpkins grow ... you will be inspired.
40 km from Paris, in the Yvelines (the green lung of the Ile de France region), we have already welcomed many guests to our lodgings, especially after confinement, who have come for a green getaway. Whether for a relaxing stay, sports and leisure in the countryside or for a period of quiet teleworking, the quality of life here is appreciated.
The wifi connection is very satisfactory, the setting and the equipment allow you to sit inside and out.
Before turning on the computer you may have decided to go ... run in the cool? or ... run for hot croissants? You will only be disturbed by the singing of birds and the church steeple reminding you that after work there is ... hiking! or ... mountain biking! or ... movies! It's up to you to invent your neo-rural life during your stay.
The pompom? Access by public transport: you can come without a car, the station is 800 m (1 hour by train from Paris-Montparnasse).Once in your accommodation, all amenities, shops, restaurants, bars, pharmacy, etc. are within walking distance within a radius of 300 meters, the supermarket is 500 meters away.
And if unfortunately you had to reconfigure yourself, you would be welcomed with pleasure, the rentals are completely independent (2 studios for 1 to 4 people with private kitchen and bathroom).

Services available:
  • Free WIFI
  • Connected TV / Android TV (USB socket, headphone socket, AV adapters ...)
  • Station shuttle (800 m) and other activities shuttle
  • Baby sitting
  • Breakfast delivered to your accommodation
  • Meal trays
  • Gourmet basket
  • Routes to explore the valley
  • Support for running, hiking, mountain biking, cycling (on request)

# teleworkauvert #coworkingalacampagne #neorurauxetsiontried # less than100kmdeparis
Randonnées Yvelynes itinéraires au choix

Good kisses from the Mauldre Valley

A complete folder awaits you with ideas for hikes and routes, there will be something for everyone! Forests, fields, rivers, villages, places conducive to picnics, panoramic viewpoints ... By walking, running, pedaling, you will take full the mirettes and full the gambes.
Among others:
  • 10 walking routes offered by ACIME "Walks around the Mauldre Valley, discovering the countryside". To do as well by walking as by trail.
  • The Plaine de Versailles hiking guide ""Les Chemins de Gally"" :30 beautiful hikes that showcase the most remarkable heritage sites.
  • Visorando hikes , to follow with the Smartphone application, or with the workbook sheet.
  • Itineraries to discover the Mauldre , on the side of Beynes, a game course , an interpretation course along the Mauldre "Water over time" ...
  • Orientation races offered in the region.
  • Ideas for itineraries with the little ones, along the river for example.
  • The GR26 passes at 2km, the GR1 at approx. 8 km, we can organize a shuttle for you.
  • And then there are farm pickings and other good places to taste the local flavors!
Well, we, after coffee, we put on shoes!

#cyclotourisme #slowtourisme # RandonnéesYvelines #cetetejevisitelafrance #YvelinesTourisme
Repas 4 personnes produits des Yvelines

New: meal trays with local products!

For those who arrive late, for those who are too lazy to come out and also for those who have no pretext ...
we offer meal trays deposited in your accommodation, including a drink, salty and sweet.
The selected products are ultra-local: for many they are made in Maule or within 20 km.
Some are organic and all are tasty.
You can order them when you make your reservation and until 2 p.m. on the day of your arrival.
Meal for 1 person: 17 euros / Meal for 2 people: 28 euros / Meal for 4 people: 52 euros.
Let us know your preferences, we will adapt the menu for your packed lunch.

During your stay, we invite you to visit these farms, traders and producers who will introduce you to so many others of their specialties and explain to you how they work. We have so many good products in Yvelines!

#agritourism #slowtourism #cetetejevisitelafrance #circuitscourts
cyclotourisme en Yvelines

Fork and crank: the Yvelines otherwise

Cycling is a formula for taking the time to discover the Yvelines by its paths, its forests, its charming villages, its local producers ... that's what slow tourism is!
From your accommodation, with rental VVTs or your own, take advantage of a guide to accompany you on the course of your desires: tasting / gastronomy theme? wash houses and old stones theme? rivers and bodies of water theme? theme locations? ... Let us know your desires.
We can take care of you without a car because Maule train station is 800 m from the Clos Saint-Martin lodgings (Paris-Montparnasse line). And yes, cycle tourism also means making sure to limit its environmental impact.

Book your accommodation at Clos Saint-Martin and contact our partner Fourchette & Manivelle !
Formulas: 1/2 day, 1 day and +, star or stage course (with other accommodation)
Audience: adults and teens
Group size and prices: contact us
Bikes:Electric Assistance Bikes

#locatourisme #cyclotourisme #slowtourisme #Yvelines
Gîtes en Yvelines randonnées villages et charme

Go Green After Containment

The deconfinement promises to be binding for non-professional travel for the time being. How to escape within 100 km from home?
For the inhabitants of Ile de France, the perimeter makes it possible to reach all of Yvelines, a veritable green lung of the region. Here in the Mauldre Valley (at the western end of the Plaine de Versailles), the living environment is provincial: old stones, charming villages, river, woods and fields, local products, fruit and vegetables on the farm. ..
Once arrived in Maule and the suitcases put down, everything can be done on foot. Access to the riverside and the woods are less than 300 meters away, local shops are 200 meters away and the restaurants, for the most part, offer take-away and / or deliver their meals to your home.
In addition, the garden allows you to have a good time with family or friends since it is closed and not overlooked. A terrace, a balcony, sun loungers, a barbecue ... a little corner of flowered paradise for a little respite.
On the spot, a ping-pong table makes it possible to have fun, a vegetable patch will soon give strawberries and an affectionate cat may visit you ... Your bikes and mountain bikes are welcome, the welcome is done under a closed porch.
And as the train station is 800 meters away, you don't need a car to stay in Maule!
See you soon.

dispositions sanitaires covid-19 et mesures barrières

Barrier measures and special provisions Covid-19

The Clos Saint-Martin lodgings are open and everything is done for the health security of their occupants and your host.
- Wearing a mask by your host and contactless reception
- Possibility of handing over the keys without physical presence
- Thorough cleaning and disinfection of fittings, toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, door handles ...
- Washing of laundry at 60 ° + waiting time for commissioning.

And a small gift awaits you:
- 1 washable fabric mask is offered for each reservation on May and June 2020
(with choice of color and possibility of additional order).

After that, all you have to do is enjoy the enclosed and flowery garden, the song of birds, walks and the fresh air of the countryside!
Come go green after confinement!
Versailles à toute berzingue

Virtual visit of Versailles in 5 minutes

Prepare your visit with Loràn Deutsch!
(watch the video)
Fête du vélo en Yvelines et départ du Paris-Nice

Cycling is a party in Yvelines

The first stage of Paris-Nice is the occasion of a great bike festival in Plaisir, March 7 and 8, 2020 (link to the site) . Besides, the route goes 100 m from Clos Saint-Martin!
The Yvelines department has embarked on a major cycling strategy and is highlighting an area conducive to this practice. Forests, paths, beautiful natural expanses, small and large heritage sites ... the playground is magical.
See the program of cycling events from March 7 and 8 in Plaisir (click here) (""All cyclists in Yvelines"" hike, mountain bike course, trial bike, balance bike, ...).
At Clos Saint-Martin your bikes are welcome! A porch can shelter them.

Diary of Yvelines… small selection 2020

January 2020: Reopening of Maison Derain in Chambourcy (founder of Fauvism)

Until March 8, 2020: " Thoiry Lumières Sauvages " at ZooSafari in Thoiry

March 8, 2020: The start of the Paris-Nice cycling race in Plaisir

March 7 and 8: "" All cyclists in Yvelines "" events in Plaisir

March 13 to 22: Flea market and antiques at the Chatou Fair on the Island of the Impressionists

April 2020: reopening of the Iron House in Poissy

May 2020: A royal program at the Royal Opera of Versailles

May 22, 23 and 24, 2020:""Hiking"" event with 8 free and supervised walking routes in Yvelines and Hauts de Seine

May 15 to September 27, 2020: Exhibition " Sculptures on the Island " in Andrésy

June 2020: Molière Month in Versailles (theater, live performance, concerts)

June 2020: Festival des Rives et des Rêves in Carrières-sous-Poissy

June 6 and 7, 2020: The Mud day Paris in Beynes

June 6 and 7, 2020: " Rendez-vous in the gardens " at the Domaine de Madame Elisabeth in Versailles

June 13 and 14, 2020: "" La Fête du Tour "" festive weekend dedicated to cycling and inauguration of ""The Seine by bike "in Mantes-la-Jolie

June 26 to August 16, 2020: The Fête des Loges in Saint-Germain-en-Laye

July 19, 2020: last stage of the Tour de France 2020 in Mantes-la-Jolie

August 2020: The Yvelines make their cinema, more than 20 open-air cinema sessions

Fall 2020: reopening of the Maurice Denis Museum in Saint-Germain-en-Laye

Autumn 2020: reopening of Maison Emile Zola and Musée Dreyfus in Médan

October 2020: Mureaux International Circus Festival

October 2020: Gally Farms Pumpkin Festival

November:Blues sur Seine Festival

November 23, 2020: The ancestral Onion Fair in Mantes-la-Jolie

December 9 and 10: Christmas counter at Madame Elisabeth Estate in Versailles

Wild Lights in Thoiry

The Zoo Safari Thoiry organizes its 2nd winter festival "Thoiry Wild Lights." The animal park has installed several hundred lanterns in the shape of animals and magic characters to amaze young and old.

It's until March 8, 2020, magical experience guaranteed!

Preview of the first edition in pictures:

logo JO Paris 2024

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games in Yvelines

The Yvelines department has received the ""Terre de Jeux 2024"" label. To date, 5 Yvelines sites have been pre-selected for the organization of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games: the Colline d'Elancourt, the Vélodrome National in Saint-Quentin en Yvelines, the Château de Versailles and the Golf National de Guyancourt. These places are all within 25 km of our accommodation!

The department expects economic and media benefits, both during the development work and when welcoming delegations and the public.

Link to article